2019 Texas State and Lonestar Legends Champions

Family of racers


Motorsports History

Pedano Racing started their motorsport journey in 2017, led by Fran and Mary Kate Pedano. Since that time, with the help of friends and family, their three children Christina, Fran and Jon have taken the Bandolero and Legend Car worlds by storm, with dad taking a turn behind-the-wheel every now and then. Combined, #3PedanoRacers have captured many awards and race wins, building a racing powerhouse centered around passion and of course, family. Even with their early success, the team is focused on delivering even more in 2019, as they continue up the auto racing ladder.


The Family Outside of Racing

Before starting their racing dreams, Fran ran a 50 Ocean Yacht and participated in multiple fishing tournaments with his family across New Jersey. This set the stage for multiple fishing tournaments awards at various location all over the country, as well as fishing trips whenever the family has time off from business and racing. Fishing has become the family's hobby outside of the seriousness of racing, but also carries another outlet to compete, which the Pedano family enjoys in everything they do.


Team Mascot

Before taking to the racing ranks, Fran coached his kids, and current driver's, Christina, Fran and Jonathan in many other sports, leading them to multiple championship titles. Along the way, the family's dog "Nemo," has been right there cheering them on from the comfort of his lawn chair. There is no doubt that this successful racing team is much more than just racing, and goes through each challenge, together, as a family.